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Caring Hands, Restoring Balance

  • Will I be treated on the first visit?
    After a functional movement screen and other orthopedics tests, our doctors will usually provide treatment on the first visit. If no advanced imaging, testing, or other relevant case information is required, you will be treated during the first visit.
  • How many treatments should I expect?
    Many patients experience relief within only 4-6 visits, but this will depend on the injury. Injuries present for long periods of time usually take longer to resolve, and will probably take a bit more work on your part. Your behavior and default movements will probably need to change, which is why we prescribe certain movements, exercises, and stretches. Patients who are diligent with their home care can expect to recover faster.
  • Do you take walk-ins?
    No, we are by appointment only. You can view our availability and book online at our website scheduler
  • What can I expect during treatment?
    We cater our treatment to the presentation of your condition on the day of your visit. Our treatments usually involve any or all of the following: spinal and/or extremity adjustments, myofascial therapy, laser therapy, pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) therapy, mobility exercises, and/or stretches.
Stone Balancing
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