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Aligning Your Body, Elevating Your Life.

Life is Better in Balance

Meet Dr. Dixon

the way we do chiropractic

At Back in Balance we can help you manage your health issues for today and the future. You only have one body and it is important to invest in it today so you can continue the activities you love as you grow older. While we can treat issues as they arise, it's easier to stay well than to get well. Ultimately, it's your body and your future. Even if you spend your professional life sitting in front of a computer or behind the wheel, you should still be able to enjoy yourself in your free time, whether that is playing with your children or your grand children, hiking, cycling, competing athletically, etc., for many years to come. Invest in your body. You're worth it!

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See why millions trust their Chiropractor to help them live better.

Myofascial release soft tissue therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy

Supplemental to Chiropractic adjustments, we use specialized soft tissue techniques that address muscle imbalances, break up scar tissue, decrease pain, and increase range of motion. We are certified in Active Release Technique (ART) and Fascial Distortion Model (FDM), which are effective manual soft tissue techniques that have been used all over the world to return athletes to competition and weekend warriors to their hobbies of choice. 

what people say

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Dr. Franco is magic. She works to help fix the problem other than rely on continued care. She helps realign the body with her extensive training. Her knowledge is impressive, and she always shares information about your body that helps you connect more to the issue behind the problem. Her experience with ART sets her above and beyond.


Dr. Franco and Dr. Manley are the absolute best! Both skillful and knowledgeable. I recently suffered a gnarly ankle sprain (soccer injury) and have had a lot of great work done by both Dr. Franco & Dr. Manley. I highly recommend them

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Chiropractic doesn't fully describe the range of healing modalities offered by Jessica and Rich - like any good chiro, they are deeply knowledgeable (obsessed?). But by integrating new muscle and nerve therapies, they represent the emerging paradigm in structural analysis and healing. Both are genuinely kind and fun also! Five stars

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